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Design is a method of problem solving

Lukas Horak, CEO

Design is diverse yet functional. It is digital and physical. Whether it’s a wireframe, clever UI, or a beautiful product - design is the key to solving the biggest challenges.

There are many agencies which will make you a nice web page or mobile application. But at PLATFORM, we create solutions and designs that not only look beautiful, but also bring tangible results for our clients.

Our experience and industry leadership have delivered time and time again for clients large and small. From our top-notch design and strategy services to our rock solid development and A/B testing, we have successfully launched hundreds of project for clients across the world.

lukas horak
  • We speak <br><strong>your language</strong>
    We speak
    your language

    Even though we operate mainly from Bratislava, we also have our business representatives in San Francisco and London. In addition, if needed, we can send our designers and developers to work directly onsite from your office.

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  • Design-led projects<strong><br> and happy clients</strong>
    Design-led projects
    and happy clients

    We are a full service digital agency focusing on design. We have a diverse portfolio of work for our clients that encompanses a multitude of industries and mediums. Check out what we have been creating for our clients.

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  • the most prestigious<strong><br> awards in industry</strong>
    the most prestigious
    awards in industry

    Over the years, we have received dozens of awards and accolades from around the world. Awards are an important part of our industry as they benchmark excellence, and hard work. The most rewarding is sharing in the success of our clients.

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  • Filip Francisty, COO
  • Lukas Horak, CEO & Creative Director
  • Stano Bagin, UX Lead
  • Lukas Stranak, A/B Testing Specialist
  • Designing hundreds
    of unique projects

    Our agile development process allows us to seamlessly develop multiple projects simultaneously for our clients across time zones and, with diverse and challenging projects. At PLATFORM, I oversee the day-to-day operations to ensure everything runs smoothly.

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  • The highest quality
    for world leaders

    Our list of clients includes some of the most widely respected agencies in the world and that is what propels us to always continue to improve. My main task is to ensure that we always meet high quality and innovation in our designs. Enjoy our portfolio.

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  • UX is an integral part
    of our design process

    User experience is a part of the design process that you don’t hear about unless something goes wrong. In terms of design, user experience is just as important as visual identity. Seriously. It doesn’t matter what your site or app looks like if people don’t know how to interact with it. And moreover, they need to enjoy that interaction. That's my primary task.

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  • We always bring
    tangible results

    There are a many agencies that will design a nice web page or a mobile application for your company. Most of them can stick to your corporate identity or meet your subjective requirements. However, the projects we create not only look good and fit in with your design manual, they also bring tangible results.

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We work with the leading agencies, well-established multinationals with over 40,000 employees and many local start-ups. We have provided our services to clients from the Eastern and Western coast of the USA, the UK, Australia, Italy Germany, Ghana, Korea, Japan, Russia, India, Hungary, the Czech Republic and, of course, Slovakia. You can trust PLATFORM. Let’s partner up.

  • capturing photos in the moment

    User Experience and Visual Design for iOS Photography Mobile Application.

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